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Who are we

BlueCːSecurities is an independent alternative asset manager focusing on systematic investment solutions and alternative investments. We believe that financial markets are efficient in the long term, but not necessarily in the short to medium term. Moreover, academic research has shown that a majority of asset managers fail to add value beyond market benchmarks over longer time periods. We therefore believe that only a distinctive, systematic approach to investment management that emphasises both diversification and discipline can generate long-term and superior risk-adjusted returns. BlueCːSecurities specializes in computational finance to generate added value with the systematic exploitation of market inefficiencies. This also includes the creation of tailored financial products for individuals and institutions. The focus is on absolute return and risk centric, multi model strategies within a large and massively diversified investment universe. BlueCːSecurities objective is to provide algorithmic innovation, financial products and advisory for single managers, family offices, banks and hedge funds to facilitate successful investments using world leading quant methodologies. We are convinced that successful investment approaches must be based on sound economic principles and supported by empirical validation. Our principles are based on state-of-the-art techniques combined with scientific research and cutting edge software design.

Our Philosophy and Principles

  • Swiss discretion and precision, we believe in transparency, quality and long term partnerships
  • With our agile, dynamic and adaptive approaches, we meet future market conditions today
  • Our investment strategies provide and integrate computational Alpha & Beta
  • Our Multi-Strategy models are risk centric and massively diversified through a large investment universe
  • We aim for systematic risk-adjusted returns with minimal correlation to traditional asset classes
  • We seek to provide investors with sustainable, stable and attractive returns in the worlds most liquid markets
  • Our financial & software engineers are incredibly talented with a entrepreneurial and googleish mindset

  • Our Service

  • BlueCːSecurities stands for superior personal, tailor made services according to your needs and wishes
  • We run quantitative investment solutions that include financial theory and empirical evidence
  • We take care of and manage your investment portfolio to minimize potential drawdowns in todays conditions
  • We provide advisory services, asset allocation strategies and trading signals based on sophisticated analysis
  • We help you to create investment products (Fund of funds, Hedge Funds and alternative investment vehicles
  • We breath technology and develop cutting edge algorithms and application for the financial sector

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